All therapy services at Relate start with the client being matched with a therapist to complete a diagnostic assessment.  The completed diagnostic assessment offers treatment recommendations for services that best fit the individual or family’s needs.  Therapy services are offered by graduate-level practicum students, pre-licensed therapists and licensed therapists. Relate accepts most insurances and offers financial aid to individuals and families experiencing financial hardship.

Our Mental Health Therapy Services:

Individual Therapy

Relate offers psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults with the goal of supporting and increasing a client’s sense of well-being through the management and treatment of emotional, mental, and behavioral issues. At the intake session and first few sessions, the client will be asked for background information, current circumstances and concerns, and what they are hoping to gain from counseling. This process begins the diagnostic assessment process and may take more than one session. Clients can expect to be informed about their diagnosis, to hear the clinician’s treatment recommendations, and to participate fully in determining their own treatment plan. We work collaboratively with all participants to develop an individualized treatment plan following the diagnostic assessment.

Common topics addressed in psychotherapy include, but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief and loss, family conflict and change, chemical use, trauma, emotional regulation, relational/relationship distress, school/educational issues, gender identity, and parent guidance.


Relate is a local resource for couples seeking to process struggles as well as strengthen bonds. Relationships can be challenging and needs ongoing investment to sustain through difficulties and life changes.  Therapists offer a safe and supportive environment for couples of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations to explore thoughts, feelings, and interactions related to the functioning of their relationship. Therapy can be a place to listen to one another, to be challenged on new perspectives, and to nurture relationship assets while identifying areas for growth.

Couples may seek services for a variety of reasons. Some issues that couples may be experiencing include relational conflict, communication problems, challenges with extended family, parenting difficulty, life transitions or changes, intimacy issues, and infidelity.  Couples may be seeking to regain balance in their lives and make their relationship a priority among the various strains on their daily time and energy.

Goals of couples counseling can include safely exploring conflict, building trust, increasing communication effectiveness, and resolving differences in an effort to increase respect and relational stability.

Couples can also seek services for pre-marital counseling .  Relate Counseling Center has therapists certified in Prepare/Enrich pre-marriage counseling and can offer therapy to couples looking to gain insight around their relationship prior to an upcoming marriage.

Relate is here to help you invest in your relationship and move forward together with tools, techniques, strategies, and insight to promote positive relationship functioning in the future.


Family life can present many challenges and stressors. Each relationship within the family has its own unique subsystem. When problems arise in a family between parents, parent and child, siblings or extended family members, daily life can be impacted in a negative way and can become very stressful  and overwhelming.

Relate offers a safe space where families can come together and address their problems, process their emotions together, and work toward solutions. Common issues that are often addressed in therapy may include:  communication difficulties, conflict resolution, family transition issues (separation, divorce, blended families), death of a family member, chemical, physical or mental health issues and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Relate welcomes all families, both traditional and non-traditional, and strives to create an environment in which all family members are treated with compassion, understanding, and respect.  The family therapy process will involve the therapist working collaboratively with family members to identify problem areas, set mutual goals and decide on the length of treatment time to reach those goals. Family therapy becomes a place where each family member has the opportunity to share feelings, work through conflicts, and gain new insight and understanding into how to manage stressors in relationships more effectively.

Early Childhood Services

Relate Counseling Center offers age-appropriate programming to foster the social and emotional development of young children by helping to strengthen their important relationships, express and regulate emotions, explore and learn, and stay on track developmentally. For clients aged 0-5, their clinician is trained to provide age-appropriate assessments of mental health concerns in early childhood in the context of a child’s overall development and relationships. DC:0-5 assessments facilitate early intervention by helping identify appropriate services or referrals.

When Should I Seek Support?

All children experiences ups and downs as a part of typical development. Here are some things to watch for to know if your child or family may benefit from services:

  • Behavioral difficulty at home, preschool, or childcare
  • Difficulty adjusting to a significant change such as a move or the loss of a significant relationship
  • Significant changes in emotions, sleeping, or eating habits
  • Loss of previously learned skills
  • A stressful, scary, or dangerous experiences followed by changes in emotions or behavior
  • Increased stress related to parenting your child
  • Concerns that your child’s development is not progressing as expected

Relate provides a range of services including developmentally appropriate mental health assessment, evidence-based interventions such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), parenting support, and collaboration with teachers or childcare providers. The therapist will partner with you to understand your concerns and develop a plan to meet your child’s and family’s needs.

For questions or to learn more about Relate’s Early Childhood services, please contact our Early Childhood Manager at 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches.

Scientific research has established EMDR as effective for post traumatic stress. However, clinicians also have reported success using EMDR in the treatment of most mental health disorders.