Relate is a local resource for couples seeking to process struggles as well as strengthen bonds. Relationships can be challenging and needs ongoing investment to sustain through difficulties and life changes.  Therapists offer a safe and supportive environment for couples of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations to explore thoughts, feelings, and interactions related to the functioning of their relationship. Therapy can be a place to listen to one another, to be challenged on new perspectives, and to nurture relationship assets while identifying areas for growth.

Couples may seek services for a variety of reasons. Some issues that couples may be experiencing include relational conflict, communication problems, challenges with extended family, parenting difficulty, life transitions or changes, intimacy issues, and infidelity.  Couples may be seeking to regain balance in their lives and make their relationship a priority among the various strains on their daily time and energy.

Goals of couples counseling can include safely exploring conflict, building trust, increasing communication effectiveness, and resolving differences in an effort to increase respect and relational stability.

Couples can also seek services for pre-marital counseling .  Relate Counseling Center has therapists certified in Prepare/Enrich pre-marriage counseling and can offer therapy to couples looking to gain insight around their relationship prior to an upcoming marriage.

Relate is here to help you invest in your relationship and move forward together with tools, techniques, strategies, and insight to promote positive relationship functioning in the future.