Relate Counseling Center is committed to providing training opportunities that promote a solid foundation of clinical knowledge and experience.  Practicum and post-doctoral graduates at Relate have the opportunity to gain experience in nearly all aspects of being a staff clinician.  We highly value supervision, and work to provide ample supervision opportunities both in individual and group settings.  We greatly enjoy the energy, diverse perspectives, and new information that practicum and post-doctoral graduates bring to our team.   

As part of our efforts to help better serve our community, we are working to build stronger equity and inclusion at all levels of our team.  At the training level, we offer a $5000 stipend to BIPOC students, and we strongly encourage students of color to apply.  If you are a BIPOC student, please let us know you are interested in the EDGE (Empowering Diversity, Growth and Equity) in Clinical Practice stipend when you apply.  Please see our flyer to learn more about EDGE. You can also learn more about Relate’s culture and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

We generally accept applications year-round, but please click on the specific clinical training opportunities below to learn more. 

  • Foundational Practicum:
  • Master’s Therapy Practicum: An internship/practicum training experience for students within MA Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Master of Social Work graduate programs. The practicum experience will focus on working directly with clients to provide therapy services. Learn more.
  • Doctoral Therapy Practicum: A therapy practicum experience for doctoral level students within clinical or counseling psychology programs that will focus on working directly with clients to provide therapy services. Learn more.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship: An informal 1–2-year post-doctoral training experience where you will provide therapy services while you accrue hours and supervision to work toward independent licensure. Learn more.