Office-Based Practicum Therapist

Minnetonka Office

Rita is a Clinical Practicum Student Therapist who provides office-based therapy primarily for adolescents and adults at Relate in Minnetonka. She is completing a Post Master’s Degree Certification in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and will pursue an LPCC/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor credential. In her previous career, Rita worked 20+ years full-time in the corporate business world while also working in retail sales part-time. This allows her to bring a unique perspective regarding various workplace issues. She identifies as an African American/Black, heterosexual, Christian female. She is governed by Biblical principles and willing to integrate them into counseling sessions IF a client desires to. She is open to seeing clients of any or no religious faith affiliation. Rita seeks to build therapeutic relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and authenticity to support a person’s healing, overall well-being, and ability to reach their goals and live a satisfying life.

Therapeutic Modalities: Adlerian Individual Psychology, Strengths-Based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy

Specialties: Black and Indigenous People of Color, women 40+, women 18-39, adolescent girls 13-17, depression, changing careers, workplace trauma, religious trauma.

Certification/Training: Career Counseling, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace