Family life can present many challenges and stressors. Each relationship within the family has its own unique subsystem, and when problems arise in a family between parents, parent and child, siblings or extended family members, daily life can be impacted in a negative way and can become very stressful  and overwhelming.

Relate Counseling Center offers a safe space where families can come together and address their problems, process their emotions together, and work toward solutions. Common issues that are often addressed in therapy may include:  communication difficulties, conflict resolution, family transition issues (separation, divorce, blended families), death of a family member, chemical, physical or mental health issues and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Relate welcomes all families, both traditional and non-traditional, and strives to create an environment in which all family members are treated with compassion, understanding and respect.  The family therapy process will involve the therapist working collaboratively with family members to identify problem areas, set mutual goals and decide on the length of treatment time to reach those goals. Family therapy becomes a place where each family member has the opportunity to share feelings, work through conflicts, and gain new insight and understanding into how to manage stressors in relationships more effectively.