Relate is proud to present a 6-week course for moms of young children. If you are a mother with children under the age of 6, you are welcome to attend this virtual processing group where we will use strategies informed by Cognitive Behavioral Theory and mindfulness practice to support your growth as a mother. This confidential group will be led by a pre-licensed therapist under direct supervision. There is no cost to participate, but the group is limited to six participants so don’t wait to register!  Group will meet every Monday at 1 pm, March 7 – April 11.

Week 1 – Maternal Mental Wellness

Week 2 – Identifying Thought Traps

Week 3 – Reflecting on Thought Traps

Week 4 – Freedom from Thought Traps

Week 5 – Self Care and Motherhood

Week 6 – Wrap up and Reflections

To register or for more information, please email Samantha Stroik, M.A., Doctoral Practicum Therapist, at