Relate offers a variety of group therapies, including psycho-education, adolescent chemical health, adolescent anxiety, and yoga based mindfulness, and a young men’s group. See below for information regarding current group offerings.

Mindful Kids

The Mindful Kids Program is a new form of group therapy offering for children 7-12 years of age. This program utilizes Yoga Calm techniques and other mindfulness practices to engage kids in a fun and interactive setting. Yoga Calm is a program geared toward children intended as a vehicle for them to learn skills and develop self-regulation, manage strong emotions, and build physical and emotional strength. This program is an integrated approach to health and well-being, and uses yoga-based movement, breathing strategies, social and emotional skill development, mindfulness, story-telling, and therapeutic activities to attend to children’s’ emotional and physical needs. The curriculum is supported by current research in neuroscience, trauma, and social/emotional learning.  It has been shown to foster children’s focus, behavioral skills, physical health and emotional stability. This is an 8 week course.  Sessions are 45-50 minutes, once per week.  Cost is $250 for parent/kid group for the 8 week course; insurance cannot be billed for this service at this time.

For more information, please contact Amanda Sullivan, MSW, LICSW at or via phone at 952-932-7277.  To register online for upcoming sessions, please visit the Mindful Kids events page.

Teen Girls Mood Stability

This group provides peer support, increases self-awareness, and promotes skills learning. There will be at least five main topics including; healthy thinking, healthy emotion management, healthy self-concept/identity, healthy behavior choices, and healthy relationships. Cost per session is $65. Insurance is accepted (co-pays apply); group members should identify as female and be attending a high school or high school equivalent. Space is limited.

To schedule an appointment to determine if the group is a good fit or for more information, please contact Theresa Tsuchiya, PsyD or Erica Johnson, MA at 952-932-7277.

Parenting Through Change Group

Learn techniques based on 50 years of research that help parents build healthy family relationships, help children follow directions and regulate emotions, and enable you to set them up for success in school and other settings. This 12-week course will teach you techniques proven to increase children’s cooperation, strengthen family relationships, manage emotions for yourself and your children, and create a more stable and healthy home for your family.  Cost is $300 per family.

Interested parents can contact Anne Sitorius Maas, MA ( and Kara Haugen, MSW, LGSW ( to learn more.

True You Teen Group

An 10 week, skills based program designed to explore individual identity and build resiliency. Drawing from the latest evidence based research in heart, mind and body integration, participants will spend each week learning tools and techniques to support their holistic health and development. Topics include everyday mindfulness, movement and yoga, sleep, nutrition, and cultivating nurturing relationships. Ages: Grades 9-12.  Cost: $350

Contact Amanda Sullivan, MSW, LICSW ( or Aaron Rusnak MSW, LGSW ( or via phone at 952-932-7277.

Finding Steady Group

A therapeutic group for high school guys looking to make sense of the chaotic world we live in. The group will provide time to process life, be active, and engage in psychoeducational learning. Finding Steady will meet throughout the school year, beginning in early October. Participants will identify as male and be in high school or high school equivalent. Each session is $75. Depending on individual coverage, insurance may cover the cost of sessions.  If interested, please contact Aaron Rusnak, MSW, LGSW, ( via phone at 952-932-7277

Taking Flight

A group for graduated seniors and their parents to explore upcoming transitions, expectations, and the changing nature of relationships.  For more information, Contact Aaron Rusnak, MSW, LGSW ( or via phone at 952-932-7277.  To register online, click here.

Trauma and Loss Group

Trauma and Loss Group Providing a safe, supportive and educational space to learn new skills to prepare you for a better tomorrow This group is for adolescents who have experienced a trauma and/or a loss in their lives. It will address the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive dysregulation that teenagers feel following a traumatic or stressful life event. This group will help you minimize unwanted symptoms as well as process the trauma by creating a narrative around the trauma or loss. The group is broken up into different components to help learn new skills, process the event, and prepare for the future.  Click Here to view group flyer.  If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact Ashley Teigland, MA, LMFT at or 612-567-2433.