Relate clinical staff conduct assessments as needed, including diagnostic, chemical use, psychiatric and psychological testing. These assessments are completed to determine and support the course of treatment and treatment planning.

Diagnostic Assessments

Prior to beginning therapy or counseling services, every client meets with a therapist/clinician for an initial diagnostic assessment to determine a diagnosis for treatment planning and for insurance purposes. At this meeting, the client will be asked for background information, current circumstances and concerns, and what they are hoping to gain from counseling. The diagnostic assessment process may take more than one session. Clients can expect to be informed about their diagnosis, to hear the clinician’s treatment recommendations, and to participate fully in determining their own treatment plan.

Chemical Health Assessments

Relate’s Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs) accept referrals for Chemical Health Assessments from other Relate clinicians and from the larger community — families, schools, courts, or from anyone who might be concerned about the impact of alcohol or drug use on their own or someone else’s functioning. The assessment typically consists of a semi-structured interview, completion of detailed questionnaires about patterns and consequences of use, and contact with concerned persons to gather other perspectives. The LADCs compile and integrate the information to provide a final report with diagnostic considerations and recommendations, if any, for various levels of treatment.

Psychiatric Assessments

Current Relate clients can be referred as needed by Relate clinicians to one of the consulting psychiatrists on Relate’s staff. Psychiatrists will complete their own assessments of clients’ symptoms and concerns, with an eye toward evaluating whether medication might be helpful in alleviating distress and/or improving functioning. If medication is prescribed, Relate’s psychiatrists will continue to work with clients to manage a client’s medication needs over time.

Psychological Assessments

Current or prospective Relate clients may be referred for comprehensive psychological assessment services when there are perplexing diagnostic or treatment questions to be addressed. Referrals are accepted from parents or guardians, school or healthcare professionals, therapists, or directly from adult individuals themselves. Please call Relate and ask to speak to the Assessment Coordinator about any questions you may have.

Reasons for a referral may include questions about ADD/ADHD, autism, intellectual or personality functioning, effects of trauma or disrupted early attachments, behaviors or perceptual experiences that may be associated with psychosis, and so forth. Assessment psychologists work collaboratively with clients and their families to determine how best to address these questions.

The process will typically include extensive interviewing, review of clinic and/or school records, consultation with teachers, health care providers, or family members, and administering specialized, standardized tests. After interpreting and integrating all the results, psychologists meet with clients for one or more feedback sessions, to answer the referral questions and to discuss any other issues which may have emerged.