Office-Based Therapist

Minnetonka Office

Zaki offers office-based therapy for adolescents and adults with a priority for BIPOC and Queer identifying individuals. Zaki is a South Asian, Muslim, child of immigrants, who is agender and often leans towards a more femme presentation. Their approach to therapy is very co-creative with an emphasis on building relationships and placing the client as the expert of their life. They often will bring up fun facts and like to learn about other passions. Outside of work, Zaki can be found with a good book or video game, music, and chosen family.

Certifications/Trainings: Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Motivational Interviewing

Therapeutic Modalities: Single Session Counseling, Narrative Therapy, Healing Justice, Radical Therapy, Psychoeducation with a systems aware lens, and a beloved past of community building work.

Specialties: BIPOC lived experience as well as historically intersectional understanding of the USA, Queer, Religious Trauma, Trauma Informed, Harm Reduction