What is Play Heals?

Play is the language of children. So, if we are working with children, shouldn’t we learn the language?

Unlike ordinary playtime, Play Therapy is an evidenced-based, proven modality of therapy used by trained professionals to help children and families work through emotional and behavioral concerns. Those who have invested the time, resources, and energy to specialize in play therapy are called Registered Play Therapists (RPT).

The process of becoming a RPT can be confusing, frustrating, and expensive. Relate’s goal is to remove barriers and provide fun, quality, evidence-based training to help anyone and everyone who works with children and ensure quality, effective, developmentally appropriate mental health care. Play Heals is a play therapy educational series designed to support therapists seeking their RPT status. Our 2-year curriculum follows the Association for Play Therapy Credentialing Standards*, as well as immersing the participants in the play therapy community, building their play tool kit, and preparing them to walk away feeling confident in their role as a Play Therapist.

Our team of instructors and facilitators believe in trauma informed play approaches; always keeping knowledge of current researched interpersonal neurobiology and relational theory at the core of what we do. We aim to continue to grow in cultural awareness as it relates to the field of play therapy and our work is rooted in anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice. We are committed to providing quality training that inspires passion for play therapy, forever learning, and deeper understanding of self as play therapists.

If you are interested in this exciting training opportunity, please browse the information below to view our program and fill out an application. Feel free to reach out to Kristine Hughes, LMFT, RPT-S at khughes@relatemn.org, with questions or to set up a call to talk more in detail!

* RPT Credentialing Guide can be found on the Association for Play Therapy’s Website at https://www.a4pt.org/page/CredentialsInfo. Play Heals is not a Certificate Program. Play CE’s will be awarded after completion of each course. Play therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.