Master’s Level Practicum and Field Placements

Relate is committed to helping interns gain professional development and build a solid foundation of clinical knowledge. Relate offers clinical outpatient practicums and field placements for graduate students studying counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work.

Our outpatient practicums and field placements offer training experiences providing individual, family, couple and group therapy in child, adolescent and adult formats. Practicum students office at our Minnetonka location.

In addition to individual clinical supervision, case consultations and in-service workshops, additional learning opportunities for master level practicum placements include: diagnostic assessments, development of treatment plans, progress notes, and termination summaries.

Application Process

Internships are a nine month long experience from September through May. Extended internships are possible. Consideration will be given to students who are interested in a spring/summer practicum from May/June through January/February. Applications for MA Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy are accepted through January 15, for interns starting the following September and/or May/June. Students participating in Study Abroad programs during January are asked to submit application materials early, so as to be considered for an interview prior to leaving for the Study Abroad program.  Masters of Social Work applicants are expected to participate in the Cooperative Process of the Twin Cities MSW Programs. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume via email to Josh Cook, MSW, LICSW, Senior Clinical Supervisor, Questions can be directed to: Josh Cook at 952.932.7277 or via email.